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Dallas, TX – March 1, 2019 – Jim Winner, professional litigant and creator of “Seek, Destroy and Enjoy: The Ultimate Demand Letter to Make Money from Illegal Credit Pulls,” is showing consumers how he makes money when companies pull a credit report without permission. For a limited time, he’s offering consumers special pricing of just $97 for instant access to the complete “Seek, Destroy and Enjoy” strategic action plan. “The best way I know of to manage debt is to hack debt and literally turn debt into a source of income,” said Winner. “When a person can finally master that, debt becomes a welcomed friend and not a feared monster.” “Seek, Destroy and Enjoy” features a 90-minute debt-hacking video action plan that explains: -How to contact a company that’s obtained a credit report illegally -How to get them to pay for the violation without hiring a lawyer or going to trial -The types of errors to look for that are immediately actionable -The best person t


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